Whether it be a classic wedding or a rap icon’s house party, a cultural gala for 1,000 people or a dramatic product launch, Cornelia’s remarkable stamp on any event is met with uniform delight. Her clientele relies on her insider’s knowledge, experience, discretion and effortless talent.After growing up in Chicago and earning a degree from the Art Institute of Chicago, Cornelia moved to Manhattan. She then began working in floral and event design with leaders in the field. Legendary event design firm Avi Adler (now also David Stark Design and Production) appointed Cornelia as a primary floral consultant in 1999. There Cornelia relished the experience of working on events noted for their originality and lavishness. In 2003 she founded Cornelia McNamara Flowers.

Her unique vision was recognized when, in 2009, she was one of six people to be interviewed for the position of Chief White House Florist. Her experiences at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue left her inspired to raise the bar for both inventive design and social responsibility in her business.

At Cornelia McNamara Flowers, we have spent the last 10 years sharing the beauty of the natural world.  Our studio is a thoroughfare for the best flowers in the world, many of them grown on our own urban flower farm.

We grow our own flowers as a means to drawdown climate change, but also because it is fun and they are more beautiful than anything we can buy. Inspired by the past, we look to the future as we work in concert with the natural world.

Working in Chicago has allowed the company to expand not only creatively but consciously as well, with an organic micro-farm in the city where Cornelia harvests by hand the freshest, most exquisite flowers (with the smallest carbon footprint). She is also a working member of a The Chicago Honey Co-op, an urban bee farm.

Working, lecturing and teaching in the U.S and internationally, her life and work are filled with sharing in the beauty evidenced in nature through designing and producing celebrated events.