Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Shop

Some people like to say that Valentine’s Day is a trite holiday dedicated to the emotional blackmailing of cash out of folks, or,  as the joke goes, “National Singles Awareness” day.  I say the fact that, as a society, we all agree to dedicate a single day to celebrate the greatest single human emotion collectively in a frenzy of red, pink and gold, chocolate, love letters, and flowers is glorious. It doesn’t have to be about romantic love, it can just be about love- love between friends, extended family, parents and children and even siblings.

This is why I’ve decided to open my new storefront in the Ukrainian Village up as a 2 day Valentine’s Pop-Up shop! We’ve got masses of gloriousness arriving fresh from Holland tomorrow- so please stop by if you are in the neighborhood or click this link to order and send blooms to your loved ones! Mamas, Grandmamas, Sisters, Co-Workers, Clients, and Lovers all deserve flowers on this day!

We are located at 2130 W. Chicago Avenue, a few blocks west of Damen, or please call us at 773 252-2276

Prairie Chic Wedding

As a proper Chicago girl, I’ve been raised to revere Jens Jensen, the Scandinavian landscape architect who designed so many of the city’s treasures- Garfield Park, Columbus Park, the fern room at the Garfield Park Conservatory. His ethos of celebrating the prairie’s own native loveliness, working with the native landscape rather than against it, was one which I followed in designing this remarkable wedding, ( that, and Kate’s Moss’s wedding in Southrop in the Cotswolds of course!) I suggested that the bride and groom exchange vows beneath the natural canopy of two ancient willows whose boughs were intertwined. We then constructed two, 20ft “hedges” of foraged cattails to create what looked almost like a naturally occurring path from around the pond and neighboring swales, with plenty of frothy delphinium, Queen Anne’s laces and fragrant lime basil from our farm. As the wind moved through them guests were treated to wafts of delicious fragrance.


Zinnia party






This time of year there is such a wonderful cacophony of color and texture in our studio and at the farm! It is the finale display of the entire year, a time when we say good bye to our urban goat neighbors, ( they live on a farm downstate in the winter) and begin cleaning up the farm and bedding it down for the winter with manure mixed with straw from the goats.  These cuties dine on produce donated from our local Whole Foods and manure from their stalls enriches our soil with nearly magical results.

I always say bouquets should have plenty of movement, and these white astilbe are a great way to add a little flounce, along with these stunner ranunculus in oxblood. One of our MVPs this year were these heirloom Persian Carpet Zinnias, also called Mexican zinnias or narrow-leaved zinnias. Having bicolored single and double flowers in gold, burgundy, cream, red and orange and blooming throughout the summer, we found them irresistible along with these Giant lime zinnias in green.





Fall Wedding at the Chicago Club




Some weddings fall together effortlessly, and this was one of them. With every passing year, my business attracts lovelier and lovelier clientele and this gorgeous bride was no exception to this happy trend. She chose the Chicago Club in part due to the mega glorious new roof top they’ve unveiled with stunning, supervillain views of the city, and her palette of champagne with touches of merlot, cappuccino and aubergine was perfection. For a wild, gestural look on the tables, we employed Japanese anemone, Cafe au lait dahlias and Caucasian scabiosa from our farm, as well as fruited quince branches, foraged sumac and boughs of pistachio.





Los Poblanos Lavender Farm






Los Poblanos lavender farm in New Mexico is one of the very coolest wedding venues I’ve ever seen. The land was settled in 1920, and was originally inhabited by the Anasazi (ancient pueblo Indians) in the 14th century. Many of the original settlers in this area were thought to have come from Puebla, Mexico, a citizen of which is called a “Poblano”. In 1932, Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms commissioned architect John Gaw Meem and numerous WPA artists and craftsmen to renovate the ranch house and create the Cultural Center with gardens designed by Rose Greeley, one of the very first american women to practice landscape architecture.



The farm’s lavender products have a magical quality to them. With centuries of use all over the world, Lavender is a powerful antidepressant, antiseptic and healing agent- the Japanese use it as aroma-therapy in factories to increase productivity and it was used in both the first and second World Wars, not only in the treatment of wounds but as a cleaning agent in hospitals.  Just inhaling the scent of lavender is known to increase the alpha brain waves in the back of the head, aiding in relaxation and tranquility and thus boosting the immune system. Their Lavender Hand Salve is my favorite to repair my hands after a long day working at our flower farm- a luxurious solution to a luxurious problem!



Eau de lime basil

saad sample close up

lambs ear at the farm



Our farm’s theme this year is fragrance, we are growing lime basil, chocolate and pineapple mint, lavender and the like. I like to bring old fashions back in floral design whenever possible, and these days people rarely encounter scented flowers. There is no aromatic luxury quite like working out there after a heavy rain, the wind kicking up wafts of tuberose, wild sweet pea and chocolate cosmos! The bouquet pictured below is wildly fragrant with grape hyacinth, cheerfulness jonquils and muscari…

frontal blue and yellow bouquet

saad sample

blue and yellow bouquet

farm pix

Foxgloves and thistle

crogahn whole cp shot

We are a bit late planting at Five Row Farm this year, but I say you are only late planting your first flower farm! And, we have the most fantastic PH balanced soil and meticulously tilled beds courtesy of our farmer friend John Tong. However, our seedlings are already bearing many blooms, see foxgloves, dahlias and thistle wedding below…

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.14.42 AM

foxglove close up
croghan sample

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose

lantern painting


Sometimes it seems that my true occupation is to listen to people describe their distaste for carnations, lilies and even roses.  Now, with heavily petaled garden roses being all they rage, even the rose, a classic symbol of romantic perfection, has also been shunned. You probably can’t imagine my joy when I was asked to design a debutant ball based on John Singer Sargent’s painting, Carnation, Lily, Lily Rose, but it was real. Restoring these innocent beauties to their righteous place at the top of the flower chain is a job I was born to do!


lanterns from below_Snapseed


First off, we decided to create what would look like the forest on the stage, and brought in 24ft oak and maple trees forming an allée of sorts for the debutants to emerge from like the girls in the painting. Next, we created two 16ft “mossy ruins” on either side, which formed a kind hedge that obscured the big band of 20 tuxedoed musicians on the stage, they looked like they stepped out of Fantasia! The mossy ruin we sculpted in sections out of foam and covered in living moss and maiden hair fern, foxgloves and Juilet garden rose bushes tumbling over mossy rocks and lichen. We also hand-painted 300 paper lanterns, which hung from deep green glossy camellia and magnolia, giving the room a soft rosy glow…


extra paleHedge daylight cotillion 2_Snapseed



cotillion room shot long ways (1)


Scilla appear

scilla christ church

baird tall cp close up (1)

There is no thrill of Spring quite like spotting blue Scilla flowers blanketing the earth, these minute beauties massing together to produce this trick of the eye, this message just for those with eyes to see! My mother always pointed them out to me in “Grandma’s garden”  , the wilder garden across from the Lincoln Park Conservatory in Spring. Like near incantations, the way mothers teach the language of flowers to their children, planting these mysterious words and beautiful images in their minds has always been especially lovely to me,  delphinium, daffodil, scilla…..

baird low centerpiece

daffodil basket


scilla valley

Baird tall centerpiece

Wintering over


Every year there comes a period of time when I actually can’t look at any more flowers. This past January, my eyes were actually weary of them,  sumptuous seed catalogs would arrive and I had to toss them aside.  It’s a natural part of the cyclical nature of this work, it’s all go go go, growth and production from early spring straight through to Christmas, and then I’ve got to just hunker down, rest, gestate. Our farm is now also in dormancy, nestled down under straw and goat manure, ( solid gold fertilizer), from our West Side friend Carolyn Ioder‘s goats. She keeps them in Oak Park and makes the most incredible feta, goat cheese and milk. As members of the Goat Guild, we take advantage of the manure for the farm, and it is also pretty fun to run them up the street to their gorgeous urban pasture….

running of the goats


Hazel weed warrior

Lavender Beebalm

Brian and goats


IMG_5012 (1)