Zinnia party






This time of year there is such a wonderful cacophony of color and texture in our studio and at the farm! It is the finale display of the entire year, a time when we say good bye to our urban goat neighbors, ( they live on a farm downstate in the winter) and begin cleaning up the farm and bedding it down for the winter with manure mixed with straw from the goats.  These cuties dine on produce donated from our local Whole Foods and manure from their stalls enriches our soil with nearly magical results.

I always say bouquets should have plenty of movement, and these white astilbe are a great way to add a little flounce, along with these stunner ranunculus in oxblood. One of our MVPs this year were these heirloom Persian Carpet Zinnias, also called Mexican zinnias or narrow-leaved zinnias. Having bicolored single and double flowers in gold, burgundy, cream, red and orange and blooming throughout the summer, we found them irresistible along with these Giant lime zinnias in green.





The Serious Moonlight

This dramatic October wedding had touches of classic 20’s Chicago and Chinese traditions from the Groom’s family. In Chinese wedding tradition red signifies love, joy and prosperity so we celebrated it’s full spectrum with masses of ranunculus, garden roses and dahlias. For the cocktail hour, mad shades of violet got the party underway.

Our super chic bride’s favorite color is black, so we used diablo ninebark foliage and blackberries as accents. The dapper groom wore a black beauty rose boutineer with his Tom Ford suit.