Wintering over

March 11, 2016


Every year there comes a period of time when I actually can’t look at any more flowers. This past January, my eyes were actually weary of them,  sumptuous seed catalogs would arrive and I had to toss them aside.  It’s a natural part of the cyclical nature of this work, it’s all go go go, growth and production from early spring straight through to Christmas, and then I’ve got to just hunker down, rest, gestate. Our farm is now also in dormancy, nestled down under straw and goat manure, ( solid gold fertilizer), from our West Side friend Carolyn Ioder‘s goats. She keeps them in Oak Park and makes the most incredible feta, goat cheese and milk. As members of the Goat Guild, we take advantage of the manure for the farm, and it is also pretty fun to run them up the street to their gorgeous urban pasture….

running of the goats


Hazel weed warrior

Lavender Beebalm

Brian and goats


IMG_5012 (1)

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