urban flower farming

At Cornelia McNamara Flowers, we have spent the last 10 years sharing the beauty of the natural world.  Our studio is a thoroughfare for the best flowers in the world, many of them grown on our own urban flower farm.

It is with great joy that we have joined the U.S. grown, organic flower movement. 85% of flowers sold in the U.S. are grown on other continents a many of them with the use of unregulated pesticides. They also require uninterrupted refrigeration as they journey to our design studio. While supplying us with the most unusual and beautiful flowers, our farm mitigates the astoundingly large carbon footprint of conventionally grown, imported flowers. Best of all, we can get our hands extraordinary, long-lasting flowers for our clients who love and treasure them as much as we do.

We grow our own flowers as a means to drawdown climate change, but also because it is fun and they are more beautiful than anything we can buy. Inspired by the past, we look to the future as we work in concert with the natural world.