Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Shop

February 12, 2017

Some people like to say that Valentine’s Day is a trite holiday dedicated to the emotional blackmailing of cash out of folks, or,  as the joke goes, “National Singles Awareness” day.  I say the fact that, as a society, we all agree to dedicate a single day to celebrate the greatest single human emotion collectively in a frenzy of red, pink and gold, chocolate, love letters, and flowers is glorious. It doesn’t have to be about romantic love, it can just be about love- love between friends, extended family, parents and children and even siblings.

This is why I’ve decided to open my new storefront in the Ukrainian Village up as a 2 day Valentine’s Pop-Up shop! We’ve got masses of gloriousness arriving fresh from Holland tomorrow- so please stop by if you are in the neighborhood or click this link to order and send blooms to your loved ones! Mamas, Grandmamas, Sisters, Co-Workers, Clients, and Lovers all deserve flowers on this day!

We are located at 2130 W. Chicago Avenue, a few blocks west of Damen, or please call us at 773 252-2276