Green and White Winnetka Wedding

January 31, 2019

Light and joyful, this was a wedding just as much defined by elegant restraint as by ecstatic abundance. Characterized by an effortless, West Coast meets Winnetka vibe, refreshingly unusual elements such as tropical foliages and flowers were presented in a serene palette of whites and greens with soft accents of grey. Elements of wood, ceramic and the loveliest summer fruits underlined the easy, “rough-luxe” feel. The front door of the house was embowered in masses of antique green and white hydrangea, garden roses, and silvery Elaeagnus vines. A low, asymmetrical“ribbon garden” arrangement on a hidden armature hovered over the head table. Luxuriant phalaenopsis orchids and Italian ranunculus wreathed in diaphanous maidenhair ferns and emerald green clump moss brought the garden into the tent.  Wild, oversize ferns and tropical foliage “grew” up around the stage in aged, mossy pots adding a rough-hewn wildness to the dance floor where guests danced the night away.

photography by Tec Peteja

additional photography by Cynthia Loebe