Black Lives Matter Mural with Neva Sills

January 14, 2019

We treasure our ability to collaborate with both luxury brands and non-profits doing critical work in Chicago. Visionary enterprises like the Domestic Violence Legal Clinic, ( DVLC), The Chicago Honey Co-op and IGrow Chicago redefine traditional efforts towards environmental and social justice, with deeply effective and inspiring demonstrations of what is possible.

When IGrow, a restorative justice peace campus in Englewood, asked us to produce a botanical installation for their annual fundraiser, we asked the brilliant painter Neva Sills to paint a mural. Neva’s work is both classical and timely, both of this time and of some grander, illustrious past now lost to us, perfect for the utopian tableau we envisioned for these heroic activists to be photographed in. Extending the mural out into three dimensional- sculptural hedges of moss we embowered the scene with fragrant chamomile, lemon basil, and dahlias fresh from our own urban farm. IGrow’s vision: “A world where love lives in public. Cornel West said justice is what love looks like in public. We want to bring justice, hope, and love to all in our city and beyond.”