North Shore wedding in July

March 31, 2019

As an only child, I always wanted a sister more than anything in the world, or to be a cat.  One of my favorite aspects of this business is how intensely collaborative it is, and working so closely with clients and colleagues allows for a kind of familial intimacy that I treasure. This was the second sister’s wedding we got to work on with this remarkable family who has such a deep appreciation for beauty and everything good that is is always a thrill to be in the mix. The bride has a personal style that is all about distilled, classic cool. Her fashion is so subtle and flawless that you almost miss it at first. She always just looks so impossibly, perfectly at ease. It’s that every day, essential cool that is almost impossible to pull off. I always say anyone can throw on a ball gown, heels and lipstick and look great, or wear soft pants around the house, but looking great when you run into people at the grocery store…. almost impossible! Summer is her favorite season and the wedding was very much about capturing that elusive, sumptuous July night when you can pad barefoot through the garden to grab a handful of mint for your mojito…