Cake Walk & Studio Opening

May 31, 2017

For our new studio opening party, we teamed up with the charming Betsy Yagunic of Betsy Lou Bakes! Sharing the beauty and deliciousness of her artistry with our friends, colleagues, and clients was such a joyful way to herald the opening of our new space.  We had a classic Cake Walk with everyone walking around in a circle until the DJ stopped the music and whoever landed on the X won a cake… 6 lucky winners won cakes! ( actually just 5, I kept the fern cake for myself!) 

Sweets to the sweet! Here is our dear friend and collaborator Michael Thompson, purveyor of the what must be some of the world’s finest honey, from  The Chicago Honey Coop–  winning the first cake. He is trying to decide which to take while Betsy stands by, trying to remember which flavor is which… Michael later confided that he thought the DJ liked him and let him win on purpose!
Miniature matcha and chocolate cupcakes were enjoyed by all, especially me,  seen here with my face stuffed full of them!