Floral Workshop at Les Nereides jewelry

June 5, 2017

The French costume jewelry company Les Nereides has been boggling my mind for years now, inspired by both the floral and animal world,  they create strikingly original treasures, that seems to me to be deeply French,  irreverent, chic, inscrutable. The family that has been creating this wild finery for 36 years now, refers to it as *emotional jewelry*.  From the crazy-making levels of cute- a secret ring with a cat sleeping in a gold basket that opens to reveal a pair of tiny kittens inside- to the eccentric and opulent necklaces of their wild-life collection for 2017.- I’d pretty much like to rock all of it daily.  So when they asked us to host a flower arranging workshop at their atelier on State Street we said, “Yes, Please!”

Next Thursday, June 22nd, at the Les Nereides shop on State from 5-7 pm, come to celebrate the first day of summer with a free floral workshop where you can create fresh floral wreaths, sip champagne and see some sparkle!