Mud madness

July 13, 2014


staking flowers

Our plants were all knee high by the fourth of July! Some of them were so tall that they were snapping off at the base and a mad staking party in a flooded field was held. We started out with mallets up on ladders, then post drivers and finally figured out that the ground was wet enough to just sort of hang on them using our body weight, then finish with a few masterful strikes with the post driver…

mischel sample

kristin staking

rained out farm

Our brilliant Summer internship is ending soon and it is so sad.  The greatest thing about this business, even greater than the flowers themselves, is the kind of people attracted to it and the collaborative nature of our process. Adeline, (pictured above), transitioned effortlessly from sewing french lace for chuppahs to swinging post drivers knee deep in mud. Mariana, ( harvesting white cosmos below) effortlessly charmed her way through hotel load-ins, securing refreshments and carts with a wink as well as tirelessly de-thorning garden roses, trellising clematis and hipping us to the best Columbian music. Hopefully, they will return as free-lancers as we have a lot more to learn from each other…


adeline hemmingDSC_0291