Now forager

December 15, 2013

wood stove

Had the great good luck to spend Thanksgiving in the U.P. at a family friend’s 500 acre farm near the wilds of Escanaba.  The landscape was so staggeringly gorgeous I was afraid I’d drive the car off the road. An orchard of frozen apples, a field of dried sunflowers, wild clematis puffs…all miraculous to my weary urban eyes.  On the last day of hunting season,  while forgaing for wild Ilex berries we drifted into a bog filled with wild blueberry bushes and found these amazing ancient towers of moss- the bryophyte with such an infinitely complex structure that it’s surface area is vast far beyond observation, a perfect filter for water purification, a bio-filter for the future.
moss towers
michale cutting apples
apple tree with lichen
lots of red apples
party mix
now forager

ilex cut