Saturday at Peggy Notabeart Nature Museum

November 17, 2013

Bringing honey to the Green City market with our dear friends from the Chicago Honey Co-op last weekend,  my hustle went something like this:

“Have you tried the summer honey from the Chicago Honey Co-op?  We are the most local vendor at the green city market, with hives in Humboldt Park, Back of the Yards and the near South Side. Shhhh….. I’ll tell you a secret,  I hate honey, I mean supermarket, cloying stick in your throat, way too sweet honey, but this honey…. oh man oh manachevitz. This honey I eat standing up with a spoon in my kitchen until it is all gone. Here, try some…..

Right????? ( at this point people’s eyes are rolling back into their heads, and they are speechless)

It’s a spiritual experience! WHY is it so incredible, so lemony-ice-perfume-psycho-delish-italian-lavender-pee-in-your pants-good you say?

It’s because the nectar forage in Chicago is so varied, this here is poly floral honey rather than your basic mono floral clover or buckwheat honey, a lot of which is started with high fructose corn syrup…..”

But mostly it was just people well familiar with the product, securing their weekly dose or filling suitcases of it bound for Asia and I was practically in their way. Seriously, what better way to spend a Saturday than sharing sweetness and the good news that nature delights in our fair city’s diversity?

DSC_0428 (1)_Snapseed
This week we introduced  fermented bee pollen. Aside from nectar, this is known as the food of the gods or, ambrosia. It tastes kind of like fig newtons,  and a few raw foods devotee’s quickly  snapped it all up before any other mere mortals could partake.


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