Hollywood cerise



My friend Amy once explained to me the concept of power colors. Everyone has a power color, similar to a spirit animal but easier to integrate into your everyday life.  She told me my power color is hot pink but I prefer the term fuchsia; which comes from the german scientist Leonhart Fuchs after the fuchsia plant I assume he discovered. It’s a mix of pink and purple also known as magenta which makes it the girliest girl color of all. Photo above is from Zhao photography….

Iris amazes

Foraging for centerpiece materials in Los Angeles with Iris for her father’s 40th birthday dinner, we cut from flowering Sumac and Datura trees on Echo Park Ave. Iris put together a stunning arrangement of bamboo and Datura blooms pictured here in this niche. Chef Jason Neroni blew everyone’s mind with five courses of seasonal perfection. Happy Birthday Jacob!


Summer’s End.

This summer flew by in a wild, gorgeous flash. This wedding was all beachy glamour with a Scandinavian color palette.

We are so lucky to work with such chic, easy going brides!


What is beautiful.

Near the flower market, this anonymous masterpiece revealed itself at the corner of Hoyne and Hubbard.

Purple and gold. Who knew?



Fall Engagement Party

Fall Engagement Party-

Coral, navy and gold color story for this get-together proved to be lovely, thanks Bliss wedding and events!

Fragrant concord grapes partied with flamingo peonies and early season coral ilex berries.

Hot tip:

Maple leaves, night pruned locally,  take gold spraypaint best of all fall foliage.


La Isla Bonita

The Gramercy Hotel Basement- already 10 mins late – waiting for a broken elevator, good times!

The brilliant Lindell Thorsen tooks these shots!

lavender, lambs ear and anemone take homes 

Jean Michel Basquiat holding it down in the lobby



Graffiti Rock

When I first started doing flowers I wanted to open a shop selling pet rocks with googly eyes and only dyed, wild style flowers, but overtime I realized that flowers already come in the most insane array of colors imaginable. You can’t school the teacher.

These echevaria succulents don’t seem to mind a little gilding though.